Renter Information

MAA is unable to answer questions from residents or respond to any inquiries. We encourage you to speak with 

 the onsite property manager, corporate office, or local housing authority, regarding the issue. 

If you are having a legal issue, we recommend you contact an attorney who specializes in landlord-tenant laws in MS.

For rental assistance purposes, there is a comprehensive chart of agencies that have rental assistance programs. Please see below.
National Council of State Housing Agencies

Legal Questions?

Robert Ireland
Watkins & Eager
(601) 965-1900

Looking for an Apartment?

MAA doesn't offer a service to help people find a new home, but many of our members provide that service.

Resident Resources

Below are some helpful resources and links for residents.

American Red Cross Mississippi Chapter

Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Emergency Management Agency

Mississippi Association of Affordable Housing Providers

Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

MS Home Corporation

Mississippi Housing & Urban Development

Mississippi Insurance Department

Mississippi Landlord Tenant Law

MS Office of Homeland Security

Mississippi United to End Homelessness

MS Voter Registration Information

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

What You Should Know Before Signing That Apartment Lease